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what we do exists to build trust with people and technology, creating value for our customers and communities.

Trust is ingrained in every part of our business, from how we work as a team, to the products that we build, and the business relationships that we nurture.

We highly value integrity, openness, empathy, excellence, and are on a constant journey of growth and self improvement.

Our founding team has over 30 years combined experience in technology, working across Africa, with deep networks spanning multiple industries and domains. After spending this time in the technology industry, we have decided to shift directions. We will totally transform how we work in Africa – using blockchain and artificial intelligence.

We are building revolutionary products based primarily on open source technology that will fundamentally change a range of industries, from financial services, retail, supply-chain, and logistics, to governance and insurance.

Our approach to research and product development is human-centered and highly collaborative as we believe in building real and lasting relationships with like minded partners, leveraging each others strengths, networks and specialities with a view to building world class products and businesses that serve our customers and their communities.

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